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Code of Business Ethics

This policy applies to T&M Specialists Canada Limited and all its operating members 

We, the directors, management and employees of T&M Specialists Canada Limited, set for ourselves the following standards of conduct in our relationships with each other, our employer and with all those with whom we deal in our work. We will; 


Act honestly and with integrity. 

  • Comply with the law and behaving properly, regardless of the circumstances and whether or not others will observe our actions. We are expected to seek advice if we are in doubt about a particular course of action, either proposed or required 

  • Endeavour not to place themselves in situations that result in divided loyalties and a possible conflict of interest 

  • Those with whom we deal can expect to rely on our past practice and reputation as a guide to our future practice 

  • Those with whom we deal can expect to rely on our published policies as a guide to our behaviour 

  • We will take responsibility for our actions and are prepared to be held accountable 


Strive to provide satisfactory returns for our shareholders. 

  • We expect to make a fair profit from the contracts that we undertake 

  • We will compete vigorously, within commercially acceptable limits for contracts in our target markets 

  • We will use T&M Specialists Canada Limited assets (including funds, equipment, information and intellectual property in the best interests of T&M Specialists Canada Limited 

  • We always expect others to meet their contractual obligations to us. We will not hesitate to secure our interest if we believe we are being unfairly or illegally harmed by the actions of others 


Support the well-being of our employees. 

  • We value the health and safety of our employees, and others under our charge, and we will not compromise in establishing a truly safe working environment, despite the potential inherent dangers in our business 

  • We will reward performance and provide benefits and career opportunities to our employees that meet or exceed normally acceptable standards in the particular sector they are employed 

Provide our clients with a truly professional approach to contracting. 

  • We intend to fulfil our obligations, whether under contract or through promises, and if we cannot fulfil our obligations, we will promptly make that known. 

  • We will pursue industry best practice where practical 

Operate with an awareness of and concern for the effect of our work on the communities and environment within which we work. 

  • We will take action to understand the effect of our work on third parties, including individuals, communities and the natural environment. We will ensure that we meet or exceed all locally applicable standards in relation to mitigating any harm to any of these third parties that fulfilling the terms of our contract may entail. 

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