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This policy applies to T&M Specialists Canada Limited and all its operating members 

T&M Specialists Canada Limited is committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment for all our employees and those under our charge. Occupational Health and Safety is a fundamental component of our operations. 

The Directors and Management of T&M Specialists Canada Limited consider that no operation or task is so critical that it cannot be carried out safely to prevent accidents and damage to property. 


We will at all times endeavour to comply with all relevant health and safety legislation and contractual obligations; and to adopt best industry practice which will further enhance the integrity of our safety systems. 


To achieve this, it is our policy to develop, implement and continuously improve systems that facilitate the management and control of safety in all areas of our control. Senior management is committed to the planning, organising, monitoring and review of these systems, of which safety training is a key component. 


It is the Policy of the Company that in conduct and execution of its operations. Priority will be given above all other considerations, to ensure 

A. The safety and good health of all employees and those under our charge and to eliminate all accidents that result in a fatality or disability and ultimately all loss time accidents. 

B. Damage to property and equipment is avoided and loss time incidents to be minimal. 


To achieve the policy objectives, the following principles are to be adopted within the Company to ensure a safe and healthy working environment at all our work places: 

  • Accidents can be minimised by good management, the training of personnel and adoption of proper HSE Standards 

  • Personnel should be educated and committed to maintaining high standards of awareness. 

  • HSE awareness is a line management responsibility which emanates from the CEO. 

  • Proper planning at the work site will prevent accidents to personnel and property through adoption of proper HSE Standards 

  • Employees need to be kept informed of the conditions and scenarios which may cause harm. 

  • All personnel have an equal and continuous responsibility for maintaining HSE Standards. 

  • Equipment is fundamental to safe operations and should be maintained to Industry Standard. 


T&M Specialists Canada Limited have established a Safety Committee which includes all key staff need to implement the Safety Plan from the top of the organisation all the way down to site workers. The Safety Committee will meet regularly to review site safety and health matters and to resolve any problems encountered during works. The Safety Committee will: 

  • Review the Safety Plan and associated documents such as forms used onsite or reports. 

  • Review and establish the EH & safety provisions, safe working procedures and method statements and monitor their effectiveness. 

  • Update & inform the safety organisation and review the adequacy of safety personnel. 

  • Review the current site Health and Safety methods performance. 

  • Follow up any unsafe practices and conditions identified during safety inspections. 

  • Follow up the necessary Health and Safety related actions as required by the Client/ Labour Department and other enforcement authorities. 

  • Record the accident and dangerous occurrence experience. 

  • Review statistics of accidents, and dangerous occurrences, identify trends. 

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