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This policy applies to T&M Specialists Canada Limited and all its operating members 

T&M Specialists Canada Limited is committed to the principle of equal pay for similar work, work of equal value and work rated as equivalent for all its employees and understands that equal pay between men and women is a legal right under the law. 


T&M Specialists Canada Limited’s objectives relating to equal pay are to: 

  • Eliminate any unfair, unjust or unlawful practices that impact on pay; 

  • Take appropriate remedial action; 

  • Review other Company policies to ensure consistency with equal pay principles. 



  • Implement regular equal pay reviews for all staff (including staff on maternity or sick leave); 

  • Carry out job evaluation and regular equal pay audits 

  • Provide training and guidance for staff involved in determining pay; 

  • Inform staff of how these practices work and how their own pay is determined; 

  • Respond to grievances on equal pay; 

  • Monitor pay statistics regularly and gather other relevant information to assess the impact of this Policy. 



T&M Specialists Canada Limited will: 

  • Ensure that any differential in pay is due to a "material factor" such as length of service, skills and qualifications, performance and levels of responsibility; 

  • Promote and achieve equality of opportunity for men and women; 

  • Eliminate unlawful discrimination and harassment. 

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