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This policy applies to T&M Specialists Canada Limited and all its operating members 

T&M Specialists Canada Limited recognise the fundamental role of consultation in positive industrial relations. This means a commitment to a system which ensures the involvement of employees and representatives in workplace. The Industrial Relations Policy outlines the company's commitment to managing all industrial relations matters in a professional manner and in compliance with legislative requirements. 

Our relationships with employees are based upon commercial realities in conjunction with key issues including health and safety. Under no circumstances will the company risk the health and safety of any employee for the sake of generating revenue. At all times all employees will be treated with respect and dignity. 

The company will be compliant with all applicable industrial laws, regulations, statutory obligations, awards, agreements, codes of practice and guidelines further reference can be found in the following policy documents: 


The company provides fair and equitable management of industrial issues and has an expectation of the same from all other interested parties. 


We recognise our employees’ entitlement to representation and maintain open relationships with employees and any elected representatives, and with other interested parties. 

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