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This policy applies to T&M Specialists Canada Limited and all its operating members 

It is recognised by the directors, management and employees of the T&M Specialists Canada Limited that wherever we operate we are guests of the local community. We recognise our obligations to the community and are committed to taking a socially responsible approach to our business. 

It is our policy to: 

  • Minimise the impact of our work on local communities and their environment 

  • Be sensitive to the different cultures, languages and religious beliefs of the communities in which we operate 

  • Incorporate community relations into the project planning process 

  • Identify and address the concerns of local communities 

  • Encourage communication and consultation with local communities affected by our operations 

  • Support local charities and community groups through sponsorships and donations where possible and appropriate 


Each employee is expected to adhere and implement this policy. Compliance with this policy ensures we are able to make a positive contribution to the communities in which we operate 

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